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About GSP-SKK (Samsung MBA Program)

The world leader in the area of information technologies, the Samsung Group, shows much attention to talented personnel with strong business skills, leadership potential, and career aspirations. This key personnel is essential to create ideas and take action, to formulate a vision and bring it to fruition, as well as to shape future business and build successful organizations. Because of these facts, the Samsung Group places special emphasis on the employment of specialists holding MBA degrees from top-notch Russian universities (such as Business Schools at the Academy of National Economy, Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics, Russian Economic Academy, MIRBIS, etc.) majoring in various areas of business administration (such as marketing, economy, management, finances, decision sciences), and it also offers a unique Samsung-Sponsored MBA Program: the Global Scholarship Program at the Sungkyunkwan University (GSP-SKK Program) for talented youth willing to broaden their horizons, deepen their knowledge, and join the Samsung in the future.

The goal of this program is to develop the future Samsung leaders. The MBA course is taught at the Samsung Graduate School of Business (GSB) of the Sungkyunkwan University. The Samsung GSB is a business school newly founded in the strategic alliance with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management.

The Samsung Group pays for all educational expenses including the tuition, admission, and registration fees for the students. Moreover, each GSP-SKK member is granted scholarship in the amount of around USD 800 per month. After completing the MBA course and receiving the MBA Degree, the GSP-SKK Program's member is provided with an opportunity to work at Samsung in South Korea for 2 years and then in Russia for the following 2 years.

By means of the GSP-SKK Program, the Samsung Group is planning to develop successful candidates as its core members.

For further information about the program please download the presentation:


  1. All tuition expenses are covered by Samsung
  2. Monthly living allowance (approximately USD 800 per month)
  3. Dormitory support for living
  4. Two round-trip plane tickets between his or her mother country and Korea during the MBA course (once a year)
  5. Medical insurance for students
  6. Summer Internship at Samsung after passing 75% studies
  7. Two years of work at Samsung in South Korea after graduation
  8. Two years of work at Samsung in the Russian Federation after graduation